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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a term used to describe an online version of reality. In regards to, we use the Earth metaverse which is fully immersive, and is currently the best potential metaverse out there.

Who Are Omikron Virtual Properties?

Essentially, Omikron is a company that owns a large amount of properties on the Earth 2 platform. After we are able to develop properties in VR, they will be rented out or turned into commercial/residential/entertainment properties for others to attend or rent.

Why would I rent from you when I could buy my own land and build my own buildings?

At the time stage 3 comes around, it is expected that tile prices will be so high as to block access to many people that just want to play the game or utilise the virtual space. When the developers stop allowing the purchase of new tiles, then we believe rentals will be the main way to access this environment.

How do I pay for entertainment venues and rentals?

This is to be confirmed. We hope that when you arrive at an entertainment venue, you’ll be able to pay when you enter via an ingame currency (if it’s not a free venue). This will allow entrance for a 2 hour slot so you can see your movie/performance etc. This will be in the ingame $E or a yet to be announced cryptocurrency. In regards to property rentals, we hope the developers will do the same thing, but for a longer period of time such as a week/month/year etc.

I have a property to rent, can you advertise it for me?

We have a rental marketplace where you can list your property for rent. People will then be able to visit the property in E2 or contact you directly. This will be a free site/service.

Is a real company?

Not yet, but it will be registered at the end of Phase 2 in the British Virgin Islands. We’ll also have a head office in game which can be visited in the virtual world.

I want to work for, can I?

Absolutely. We have positions opening all the time. Positions are paid at an agreed rate per hour.

How will I be paid for this work?

We have a software system that logs when you clock in and when you clock out and any work done in this time. Just to make ure you don’t spend 3 hours on Youtube looking at kittens or The RealRandyChavez videos.

You will be paid for the hours worked on a per hour basis. This payment will go directly to your bank account or PayPal account.